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A Letter to Mitt Romney’s 47 Percent

September 21, 2012

Recently, Mitt Romney’s words of apparent elitism was exposed from a speech he gave to a room full of business persons who were campaign supporters in May. He stated that 47% of the country are guaranteed to vote for Pres Barack Obama and he is not going to give those folks his energy. His words paraphrased, “I am not worrying about those people… They are those that depend on government and feel entitled to handouts.” These supporters paid $50k for the dinner and had no problem sitting through tough candid talk issued by Romney. However, his words were not taken kindly by the public after the hidden video of his speech was made public by ex-President Jimmy Carter’s grandson, James Carter IV. I won’t go into a critical analysis of his remarks but in response to this frenzy, I felt it suitable to issue a letter to the 47% Romney was referring to.

Dear 47%’er,
There are plenty of obstacles placed in your way. I understand it. These obstacles are enough to make any person give up. Just look at our community, that’s what happening. We have been dragged through the dirt, shut off from the water source and expected to wash ourselves off on our own That’s the harsh truth of America. Those with their hands on the wheel stay a step ahead of everyone else. They make the rules and change them as soon as you figured out how to master them.

Now, I am not saying you can’t be successful. In fact, stories are born every day of people who came from nothing to something. But what I am saying is there is a body of people who will kick you and ostracize you when you fall. They expect to be able to kick you, you keep standing and don’t complain about it. My advice is, avoid the kick! But that is easier said than done, huh? I know. The force of the kick can be so fierce that you are afraid to stand back up when you DO fall. Sometimes it comes with so much force that even if it misses you, the wind it carries topples you over! This is what’s happening. People are told to get a good education so they could get a nice job, (usually at a large corporation), expected to work hard every day, don’t miss a day of work, then handle a lay-off with your chin held high. Then when you are unable to find another job, you are encouraged to start the process all over again (new career , perhaps). Think about it? Those that abide to this instruction stay in the cycle of inevitable lay-off. Those that stay in this cycle are patted on their backs in public but talked about in private, hence Mitt Romney’s gaffe.

Now, I am not going to offer an opinion what he meant, said or should do or say. What I AM going to say is break the cycle. I always say, not everyone can be an entrepreneur/employer but everyone can be an owner. We all can own an asset that adds security to our future. I know what many of you employed folks will say, “Well, my job is stable so this doesn’t refer to me.” My rebuttal to you is, “We always expect tragedy to strike our neighbors but never us… until it happens to us.” Executives have two main objectives every day they are on the clock, decrease expenses and increase profit. Engineers and technicians are working every day too, to sell technology to those executives that speed up your lay-off clock. Never assume that you are not a target no matter how many times they pat you on your back. Others of you will say, “I don’t know where to start.” My rebuttal, “Buy an ounce of gold.” Start there rather than going out this weekend to buy a new outfit.

What’s my point? As a business and professor, I am expected to know what’s happening in the business environment. I actually critically analyze our markets everyday: stock market, labor market, production market, etc. What I see is your day will come. What are you going to do about it? Hopefully, 47% of you get my drift. Others of you will go back to business as usual and so will the 1%.

Your Humble Economic Advocate

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  1. Iyana permalink
    October 13, 2012 11:58 pm

    That was a very intense article. It behooves me that there are vast oppratunites out there for our community but many of us either; lack motivation, lack the adequaute resources or continue to believe in this rehtoric that this politician is pushing. We need not only look to the President nor exhaust energy attacking Romney for his debasing words. We must learn to take organized action by mastering ourselves, practice discipline in all areas of our life and then begin to strategically capture our freedom from the rat race and any other forms of captivity…Professor Robinson I appreciate the action your taking to awaken the community.

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