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“Rebuilding the Black Infrastructure: Making America a Colorless Nation”


“I had to get a copy for myself… Let’s continue working together. “
-Judge Greg Mathis, TV Judge

“This book is a must read, especially by those looking for political solutions…”
-Derrick Boazman, former Councilman and Atlanta Radio Personality.

“You will continue to get my support… Your work is important.”
-Rev Al Sharpton, Syndicated Radio Host and Activist

“This is a classic piece of work.”
-John Eaves, County Commissioner

“The educational chapter should be read by all high school students and college administration.”
-Frank Webster, President Herzing College

“Your book is for every household…Well written and compelling.”
-Gregory Francis, Lieutenant Governor

Rebuilding The Black Infrastructure

Reg $24.95

This new installment by Professor Devin Robinson is his most important and ground-breaking work thus far. Laying out strategies for America to come together by the rebuilding of the Black Infrastructure is a cutting edge, wholistic, yet brilliant approach. This book embraces strategies from Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Cornel West, and other inclusive leaders. With the focus being on Business, Family, Government, Media, and Education, this book continues the work started in the Civil Rights era using economics that has been the biggest divider of the races. Professor Devin’s intelligence and writing talents make this unforgettable book a great read for all to learn, implement and appreciate.

Keys for a Successful Infrastructure:

  • Spend less than you make
  • Equally respect all occupants of the infrastructure
  • Perpetually understand success for one is success for all
  • Circulate funds within the infrastructure primarily and all others secondarily
  • Effectively communicate within the infrastructure
  • Have open dialogue with each other
  • Teach and allow being taught
  • Listen twice as much as you speak
  • Reject backstabbing and sabotage
  • Great Attitude! Everyday, Every time, Every Person
  • Conduct Professional Business free from Personal Emotions
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  1. Zondra permalink
    November 18, 2010 5:54 am

    Excellent guide for our people. It’s time to move forward and rebuild and uplift our people. I will definitely be utilizing this and bringing the message to my community here in the Dallas area. It is time for the younger generation to take the reigns and take action.

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