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How do I feel about President Obama asking Congress for $3.5 billion for immigration?

July 10, 2014

Prof DevinI believe President Obama has a vested interest in the black community though many would say, based on his policies, he doesn’t. The truth is, he doesn’t have to have PDA for the black community. You know PDA, Public Display of Affection. The reason is, whether we want to agree or not, the black community has an inferior, defeated tone. Many of us believe we can only go so far in this country, and in life, whether we want to admit it or not. This has made us become the willing mistress in America. You know, the willing mistress who knowingly sleeps with the married man and stays in her lane. Every time he needs her, she is there, no matter the time or place, she is there. It is often because he takes care of her. He takes care of those “low standard” needs that are often short-term in solution. It may be sex, money, gifts, bills. But he refuses to obligate to any long-term, life altering commitments like, marriage, life insurance, children, property deeds, car titles, etc. She remains okay with that; for the most part. She may complain ostensively (outloud) but also non-instrumentally (not expecting anything to change).

All that being said, we have to accept politics as it is. It’s about managing public resources for private citizens with special causes. There will always be someone to challenge the way a politician elect to allocate funds. There is always an opposing side. Quite frankly, black is no longer fashionable. We had our run. We had our chance. We didn’t catapult from it. It was all about “Black Power” in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. It was okay to support a specific black cause. However, it no longer is. Now, the rhetoric is “it’s no longer about race”. So doing something specifically for blacks now seem divisive. If you look at the branding of our civic groups, they have also moved into using the word “minority”. The acceptable issues are animal rights, women, gays, and poverty. Just as long as black isn’t tied to it. Again, we had our chance. We divorced the wife and she is now the mistress. I know, “It’s Complicated”. It’s the Asians and Hispanics turn.

Now, I am not even saying this to say we need to accept it. What we need to do is insist we get remarried. Our ostensive, non-instrumental complaints (speaking out on radio, marching, not voting) doesn’t do the trick. If we are not willing to walk away from the Democratic party, chastise a black politician or vote Republican, Independent, or for whomever would give us the PDA we feel we deserve, then we must simply accept what the cheating husband decides to do.

I never met the POTUS but I would go out on a limb and say I believe he truly does care for all people, including blacks. But I also know that in his world he is forced to make politically friendly moves. And if blacks will be loyal to him and his party regardless of what decisions he makes, then why risk losing the immigrant or gay vote, who, by the way, would take their vote elsewhere in a heartbeat. And on a final note, as the first black POTUS and a black man, no matter what he does for blacks, if it is actually called “black”, everyone else will call it nepotism. So I guess, he is stuck between a rock and a hard place while blacks are forced to remain frustrated.

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