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Living as one body is essential to moving forward as a unified society. This means that each person will have to rid themselves of the stereotypes and prejudices of other persons. This doesn’t mean your heritage or traditions must be disrupted, unless of course your traditions are filled with stereotypes, it means that you accept the person who may not look like you or share the same background as you.

Over the past 60 years, America has evolved and made attempts to bridge the economic and social gaps of the different cultures that reside within her borders. We believe this to be effective. However, the changes that were made have been largely symbolic and offered little restitution to the mental health of the black community. Today, there are many Americans who are uncomfortable talking about race relations. They want to simply throw away the discussion and move on in a raceless manner. We share this sentiment. However, this objective will never be accomplished until the wrongs committed against the black community has been repaired. Why the black community since other races suffered at the hands of genocide too?

Blacks are the only race that not only endured physical damage but was also forced to alter mentally. This mental damage continues to perpetuate. So why have a blog dedicated to the real discussions Blacks, Hispanics, Whites can speak candidly? So that understanding of each group’s views and perceptions can be aired. This is where real healing starts. Blacks remain the most suffering group in America, per capita. Money won’t change it. Jobs won’t change it. Integration won’t change it. However, social, cultural, and economical education would. Don’t hate. Elevate. Let’s see if we can infact create a colorless nation.

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  1. Truknophobia permalink
    May 22, 2012 11:59 am

    I disagree. There is a reason why the God of Israel divided the nations and separation is the beginning solution for plight of the children of slavery in the Americas. I do not want a colorless society because I am blessed with Melanin and proud of my brown skin. It’s time for the Exodus.

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