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Paula Deen raises $75 million, meanwhile we can’t raise $7,500

February 13, 2014


The title of this piece says it all. Paula Deen was able to raise $75 million to go towards the rebound of her television career. But what can we say? She has earning power. As a matter of fact, the private equity firm that made the investment in her will have businesses among the group that will also advertise on her program. What does this even mean?

We have to understand the enormous importance in black business ownership. The fact remains that the black community truly is bankable. No. Seriously. We are! We aren’t bankable to other blacks. Actually, there probably aren’t enough large black-owned businesses to stage a comeback for someone in Paula Deen’s shoes. We would’ve had to make a plea to a group of people outside of the black community to make that happen and that is the real deal! But it would be a struggle to get a private equity firm to even give us $7,500.

Blacks do attract other blacks but it’s often for the purpose of networking, recreation, worship or friendship. When it comes to commerce, we, for some odd reason, view it as evil. Here again, we can’t fault Paula Deen for having this ability. It is applauded. Who I can blame are the talented 10th among the black community who don’t challenge the listless falling-short occupants of our community. We, scholars-professionals-intellects-entrepreneurs, don’t allocate enough of our time towards intra-activism; activism within our community that holds our own people accountable for abhorrent behavior.

We are watched, judged and sized-up to determine our true value and power. Ironically, we have spending power but little economic power. You heard about that teenage black kid, Jordan Davis, who was killed in Florida by middle-aged white man, Michael Dunn, for playing his music too loudly? Well, the prosecutor arguing that case said it right. He said, “Jordan was only guilty for having a loud mouth…” Jordan back-talked to Dunn, but that is where we are. Black people are frustrated, so we cuss and carry on, while some Whites have superegos so they shoot at the sign of disrespect. They know that the chance of one of them killing one of our children and getting away with it is likely. It is likely because we have few businesses and poor education; little economic power. We don’t control campaigns, which mean we don’t influence laws. We have a high level of felons, which mean we don’t influence elections without non-blacks’ help.

Back to Deen. America tells its citizens to play fair. Get rid of racism. Color means nothing. It has become the politically correct and right thing to say but if we closely examine it, only blacks are following what the American government says we should do in regards to race relations.

Paula Deen is making her comeback, and with a weak economic fan-base, there is very little Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton can do about it besides pray for us. I mean, Don Imus came back didn’t he? Dog the Bounty Hunter came back didn’t he? You see, Deen is merely a victim herself. She didn’t understand what she did wrong. She didn’t understand why she couldn’t call blacks niggers and get away with it. She didn’t understand why she should be punished and lose her lucrative television career. Well, she is not alone and based on the $75 million she was able to raise, quite a few people see it her way too.

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  1. February 17, 2014 9:38 pm

    As they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. It’s OK let Paula do her thing. Let’s just hope as she continues to move forward, she learns how to treat others. Because no matter what TV show she rebound, it will not last long without respect. She has already lost trust and respect from many. Gaining it back is where the show really starts. Bottom line, each and every one of us is responsible for our own actions, no matter what color you are. Some folks in our world will not Change period. They are lost in their own soul; help those that want to help themselves…

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