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Black People Have No Game

October 13, 2013

When it comes to business, creativity is definitely necessary to edge out the competition. However, that’s not all it takes. It takes a good dose of insight and precision. I encounter many black entrepreneurs with great ideas, however they continue to financially struggle and few get to where they would like to be. Not only is entrepreneurship a tough road travel, but our culture’s design operates contrary to it.

I’ve come to learn that black people just don’t have game. Well, exactly what do I mean by that? If you take a decent looking guy and place him in a room building full of beautiful women, it doesn’t guarantee that he will be able to date or even gain the interest of any of these women. If he is handsome, he may get some attention but without game he won’t keep any of them. If he is unattractive and have no game, he will have a difficult time even being noticed.

This is synonymous with business, actually. If your business looks good it may get some takers but if it is ran poorly, you won’t have keepers. Our community is filled with great ideas but Hustlers, people who are going from one gimmick to the next, are only forced to do so because they are not converting talkers into takers and takers into keepers.

The problem usually lurks around our inability to deliver precise service, quality goods and consistent operations. Our presentation may get a “taker” but the service experience creates keepers. We simply have little game in comparison to other groups offering us services and products. We scratch our heads trying to understand why we don’t have repeat business but if we stop and get on the outside and look in, we will realize that we have placed our game on the shelf and become as content and robotic as a man who has been married for 50 years.

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  1. October 14, 2013 10:38 pm

    Professor Robinson I must say, I think Black People got great game. When I look back, most of the top businesses today were started from the help of Black People. The way I see it, many start their businesses on GREED, how much money I can get? But the real question, how many people I can truly help?

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