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Where do we go from here?

July 22, 2013

I am an entrepreneur. A real one. Not a hustler, going from thing to thing. Not “side” business owner. A sustainable one. I don’t hunt, I don’t kill, then I don’t eat. I manage supply chains, production, services, royalties, you name it. I am in multiple industries. Black Infrastructure Founder - Devin RobinsonI own stuff free and clear. I also work closely with entrepreneurs. I have programs with classrooms full of them. Let me be clear, black entrepreneurs. I am being specific because it ties into what I am trying to say. I get to see where we are as business people and how far we have to go. I get to hear visions and dreams. I get to help them understand whether they are realistic or irrational. I help them structurize their ideas. I see where are futures are going. So when I saw this Zimmerman trial unfolding, I said it and posted, “This guy is going to get off.” My predication came from our social disparities and our business climate. Why? It isn’t only the issues in the judicial system. It started before that.

It started when Zimmerman saw a kid in the rain with a hood over his head living inside of black skin. He is up to no good Zimmerman insisted. Zimmerman also knew that if he made a mistake about who this kid was, the repercussions won’t be that severe. Why do I say that? Because we never make decisions on something we either, 1. Don’t think we can get away with or 2. Think the punishment will be too stiff for us to handle. That’s how we are. I snuck out my house as a teen believing in 1 or 2 of those options… and you believe them too. So what is the issue?

The issue is without the government or people of other races, the black community would instantly become destitute, and this is no secret. Try to spin it how you want but destitution would be our eminent and immediate fate.

From toilet paper, to food, to automobiles…everyday items we use, we don’t own. We can protest all day, but at night we give up our power through frivolous consumption. We have a greater spending power of some small nations, yet the net worth (per capita) of citizens of those small nations exceed that of the Black American. We have very few businesses on a national level, so our advertising dollars stay local, keeping us with small positive exposure. We rely on the moral character of, let’s say, a CNN to cover our community positively, rather than them relying on our advertising dollars.

I know how good instant gratification feels when we spend money on clothes, partying, etc. But we must get the same “feel-good” feeling when we invest, own and setup our children for generational wealth.

We are stuck shaping them to go find jobs from people that may not welcome them. We are at the mercy of others. We have to stand on our own, stand OUR ground and avoid the many young Trayvon’s in the making. Take heed black people. Take heed and read. Oh, and by the way, President Obama did a splendid job with his speech. There is no denying it and no area of criticizing it either!

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  1. September 20, 2013 2:35 pm

    I absolutely agree. There is no way we can continue to open up strip clubs and other non viable businesses and expect to prosper on a grand level. Is there something wrong with opening up clubs…no. But let’s think a minute here. What do consumers want and what do they need and buy most?
    Any smart investor that would like to talk about putting money back into the black community and make some money that is not a hustle.

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