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How do we protect Trayvon Martin?

July 3, 2013


Every time I see or hear people defending George Zimmerman on TV or radio I get so upset. People are caught up arguing over whether Zimmerman broke the law or if he felt his life was threatened. The facts are simple. Trayvon was unarmed and breaking no law. The police told Zimmerman to not engage Trayvon. The rest is what we are trying to decipher. Apparently they got into a scuffle. But here is what we are missing. Trayvon was in the midst of standing his ground when Zimmerman killed him. If a female is being raped, fight back but gets killed by the would-be rapist, this would be an open and shut case. The medical reports also revealed that Zimmerman was in no eminent danger, based on his injuries. This means that Zimmerman’s retort to Trayvon should’ve been to engage in a fist fight, if indeed he felt he needed to protect himself. He didn’t meet force with equal force in this case. He went above the force of fists, and resorted to force of the gun.

To me, this is an open and shut too. He had no business following Trayvon, a law abiding legal visitor of the neighborhood and he had no business using a gun to defend himself against a fist fight, in which he possibly could’ve won. He just didn’t try. I honestly believe he was losing the fight because he was too busy trying to retrieve his gun making him distracted from the battle. It’s psychologically common. When people are carrying weapons and met with a threat, their focus is to get that weapon from where it is, and oftentimes loses the upper hand to the assailant because they didn’t focus on the immediate use of hand-to-hand defense until they got an opportunity to reach the weapon. Police officers are taught this. If a threat is too abrupt and immediate, use hand-to-hand until you are able to retrieve your weapon. But hey, that’s my speculation. Only Zimmerman knows the truth on that part.

But here we are again black community. We have fallen soldiers ever so often to mishaps. Let me be clear. In this case, we are absolutely in the right! Trayvon was doing nothing wrong, but died. Excuse me, was killed. But what about many of the youngsters that look like Trayvon? It is a fact, we do find young black criminals wearing hoodies. These miscreant images are portrayed in our music videos, entertainment and fashion. We find armed robbers, shoplifters, muggers and rapists donning this attire to carry out their harm. It is a way of concealing their identities. But wait, let’s look at the other side. Hoodies are also worn by the military, joggers, construction workers, during inclement weather and more. Why not assume he was getting off work from a construction job? So the hoodie isn’t the problem. The problem is the messages sent by the criminals of the black community as to why we wear them. So what happened in this case is, even though Trayvon was innocent, he was fitting a profile; a profile that many black confirm-they are to be feared.

So do we outlaw the hoodie? Of course not, that is ridiculous. What we need to outlaw is “stop snitching”, black on black disrespect and the exaltation of dysfunction in our community. All we are doing is confirming and perpetuating the acts against us. We are partly to blame. Allow me a moment to explain thoroughly.

Understand this. There is dysfunction in every race/culture. But what we can also attest to is there is balance in the other ones too. We may see the Islamic terrorists, but we also see the peaceful ones. We may see the white “trailer trash”, as popularly labeled, but we also see the white humanitarian. We may see the pedophilic priest, but we also see the pope. We may hear the depressive country music but then we hear the encouraging jovial pop songs too. You got my point? We must fight to show the flip side of our convicts. We must show the flip side to gangster rap and sex charged R&B. Trust me, it would sell if we just give to the same amount of time we gave rap. The problem is everyone wants payday now. (That’s for another day, however.)

In today’s time, we see blacks fighting for things but it is not largely enough for the flip side of our community to be broadcasted massively. I don’t mean small snippets of good acts here, there or on the local news. I mean massive heroism without diminishment. I don’t mean Charles Ramsey’s act of saving the imprisoned young ladies in Ohio to be shortlived but then his look and language become the bigger talking point for a much longer time. Blacks did this to him too. Harmless right? No. It’s just another brick in this massive devalued house called the “Black Community”. We think humor is harmless but it is not. It helps with the projection of blacks.

So if we want to help the next Trayvon, we will keep it real with ourselves. Are we contributing to the racial profiling every time we let crime go? Are we making religiously-charged-peaceful-acting Rastafarians image become bastardized by young punks who wear dreads as a fashion statement used to intimidate others? How we protect Trayvon from ever happening again is by ensuring that our race is presented with balance. It is by fighting for that balance. It is by making sure our positives make it to the masses, not just quarantined silos. That’s how we protect Trayvon, by ensuring Barack Obama isn’t the exception while Big Meech is the rule.

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  1. July 3, 2013 5:37 pm

    Reblogged this on jis4janice.

  2. July 3, 2013 5:48 pm

    My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin and his parents and other young men who will die, simply because they are young and black, and other people decide that they are a menace, or a problem, and don’t care much or anything about their lives. It would have been enough to wound Trayvon who was unarmed. That would have disabled him from fighting…anyone…wouldn’t it? I doubt that question or thought ever occurred to Zimmerman. It was like Mr. Zimmerman was hunting Trayvon Martin down like an animal. The thing that gets to me the most is how Mr. Zimmerman isn’t remorseful, and..even after what he has been through…he seems to want to ignore what he has done and see it as right. I do hope justice prevails…Trayvon didn’t get justice when he lost his life…You can’t get justice when you are dead..but, justice can be served to the one who is still living. It can be served in the form of a cold jail cell. One thing I hope is that Trayvon’s spirit is at peace.

  3. shelia permalink
    July 3, 2013 9:39 pm

    Well said.

  4. Gary Surdyke permalink
    July 4, 2013 8:11 am

    Zimmerman on his back with Martin on top pounding his head into the concrete. You got to be kidding? If Zimmerman had not shot him the outcome very well might have been he being killed or permanently injured. I guess you think OJ was innocent as well.

    • July 5, 2013 3:37 pm

      You sound like a Hunter too. It was Zimmerman who was pursuing Trayvon… Trayvon had a right to defend himself too. Were you there? I wasn’t, and I wasn’t there during the O.J. ..Nicole Simpson Incident either..You must have been hiding in the bushes…right? Well, why weren’t you called as a Witness in either case? So I guess you think O.J. was guilty? I don’t know what race you are for certain, but I know that.most caucasians think that way..but they loved O.J. when he was jumping over suitcases for Hertz…and slamming heads playing football..Just don’t get into domestic violence with a white woman..Right? You are guilty regardless of the results of the trial when your a black man married to a white woman…Remember that guys!

      • Gary Surdyke permalink
        July 5, 2013 4:42 pm

        The only reason there is a trial is the “Race Hustlers” Jessie, Al and Obama stirred the pot, so to speak. If you were being beat in the manner Zimmerman was, as his injuries indicate and you had any weapon at your disposal I’m certain you would use it to save yourself from further injury or death. The only injury Martin received was the gunshot. Zimmerman was beaten on the back of his head and his face. Are you really that biased?

  5. July 15, 2013 6:51 pm

    You are the one that is biased..maybe you feel all alone and feel a need to side with Zimmerman..I actually feel sorry for you. It’s different today..isn’t it look around this great Country and it is still great….You and Zimmerman got your wish..(.Murderer Goes Free.)..but there is unrest in this Nation and I am very happy that all of the people who are upset are not just black..They are people of every color and race including many white Americans…They too see the injustice of the Trayvon Martin murder. Just look for yourself it’s all over the news. Zimmerman may have won a Battle, but he’s going to lose his War against young, unarmed, black men who are minding their business and deserve to be able to live and walk free in their communities. Loser….if the shoe fits where it. Zimmerman is really the Loser…He lost has his life as he knew it before he killed Trayvon. Trayvon is at peace..I can’t see that for Zimmerman. He’s got some more battles to get through, and I am going to enjoy watching him struggle.

  6. Gilliam permalink
    July 28, 2013 10:45 am

    Your first paragraph says it all. How come this only applies selectively? I have debated on getting a gun to protect myself from a possible intruder of my home. I wrestle with it because the law is so selective in whom they convict. if someone break into my home with intent to attack should I shoot him/her? Will I get prison time because I defended myself after finding out the intruder didn’t have a weapon ? Probably. Who has time to think when you are trying to protect yourself. Trayvon, reacted to a man with a gun. he didn’t have a gun. The law cherry picks whom they want to convict.

    The same as a Georgia man whom got life in prison for protecting his son in his yard.
    A man walked up with a gun to shoot his son. Yet the Father was convicted for protecting his son in his own yard. The judicial system fails us nearly every time.

    Everyone keeps saying OJ WALKED. I still think OJ did it. He was free and stupid enough to fall into a trap. I don’t understand that case either. However it’s rare.

    A better example of someone that did it, is Casey Anthony. She is free after killing her own child. That’s out judicial system!!!

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