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Is there a Black Facebook on the horizon?

June 6, 2012

Facebook has catapulted into the media gaining the attention of investors & venture capitalists with its over 500,000 million users who account for 900,000 billion status updates and likes on a daily basis. It is an idea that was cooked up by Mark Zuckerberg in 2003 that hatched in 2004. Despite the legal hurdles he’s had to climb over, he was able to launch an IPO (Initial Price Offering) worth $100 Billion. Technically, Facebook is a part of the 1% that the Occupy Movement has been protesting. It is a company that is cashing checks worth tens of millions from GM, Ford and others totaling around $600 Million in 2011.

When it was a $50 Billion company, it employed 2,000 people, a fraction of the $1 Million people GM employed when it was a $50 Billion company. It is lean, innovative and for some, addictive. It needs less people to generate much more than some of our antiquated businesses. So can its model and innovative prowess come from the ranks of the black community? Let’s examine some of the highlights.

Zuckerberg was attending an Ivy League college when he decided to drop-out to build his vision. (Yes, we have our HBCUs but what would we tell one of our students attempting to drop-out to pursue a half-baked idea?)

Facebook provided no compensation to the visionaries that tirelessly worked to build it working out of the home of Zuckerberg. (Would we encourage college students to work for free or to “get a job!”?

Zuckerberg is not flashy. (Nothing to say here…)

Zuckerberg, the 28 year-old billionaire, rejected two offers to purchase his company, one from Yahoo! for $1 Billion and another from Microsoft for $15 Billion. (Are we wired to turn down a $1 Billion check?)

Zuckerberg doesn’t have any baby mamas and recently married his longtime girlfriend. (Have you seen the story of the 33 year-old man with 30 children? Here’s the link.

The Facebook visionaries didn’t sabotage the company by stealing information to start their own or decided to become haters against anyone supporting him. (Nothing much to say here.)

Some would say that Facebook is causing societal disconnect, but when we say that, we must also say that Zuckerberg is one dedicated and focused individual.

So, do we have a culture in our community to produce the next Mark Zuckerberg or will we simply remain spectators and users of everyone else’s visions? It is important for us to demonstrate frugal focused behavior to our children so they mimic what we do? It is important for us to actually “water” the seeds of our ideas by investing our earnings into them.

I may not be the very next billionaire nor am I promised to become one before I die but I do know that I work hard to do right and do good by others. What about your overall behaviors? If they are copied by those around you will it make their lives better or worse? Will it make them average or accomplished?

Only you can answer these questions but know that until we are able to layout an environment where our children can blossom or one where our adults can achieve greatness, as the Facebooks go public, our community will remain private and we will forever be eye witnesses watching history being made while we protest the 1% to be paid.

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  1. sisu permalink
    June 6, 2012 4:41 pm

    Yes! 100% true and correct Professor. We need to teach our children just like they tech their children. We need to work to create a legacy for our kids and teach them how to maintain it. This is the ONLY way to stop the tragic cycle of ignorance and irresposibility that permeates through the african american culture.

  2. June 7, 2012 9:02 pm

    Yes, a black facebook is on the is called http://WWW.ACROSSTHEFADER.COM


    • Blackhole permalink
      August 23, 2012 1:32 pm

      Upon examination of the interface and the code that acrossthefader.coms developers used to create the website, it is obvious that there is no comparison. Again this is a classic case of us not being willing to really pay our dues in regards to Quality. I’m sorry my brother or sister, but it takes more than these simple efforts at self promotion to make the big time any more. It may work in rap music, but not in this arena. We need a black Facebook and more. African-American web developers…get busy.

  3. June 11, 2012 8:31 am

    It will take much work to get our black families to understand how much they are a value in our world. All our lives we have been beaten in all ways not to stand for who we are. Zuckerberg did not start Facebook on his own. He had support and help from liked mined such as his self. In order to develop structure within one self. It takes our parents to raise us in a way that we believe who we are. Our starting point in life is HOME, and our parents are the ones who mold and teach us who we are and how to achieve what life holds. Where there is Will, there is a way. Once a foundation is laid, some will follow and many may not. In time it we can achieve what we believe. But to believe, we must laid the foundation how we can achieve. Facebook is a free social network. But in reality, it’s not really free. Here is the question, does it really teach you how to achieve in your life? Or does it teach you, how to damage your life?

  4. Blackhole permalink
    August 23, 2012 1:18 pm

    I’m afraid that your wise words will only receive a cursory consideration by most readers. You can tell this by the weak replies. People just repeating the same old tired, mealy-mouthed, half-educated tripe. I do not believe that most of us under the true depth of the cultural change that you are suggesting. Black people…we need a complete cultural over hall tantamount to complete brainwashing. Will anyone be able to really get through to us? The Willy Lynch gang did a number on us, didn’t they.

  5. Blackhole permalink
    August 23, 2012 1:19 pm

    Spelling correction: Willie Lynch

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