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Does Secret Service scandal proves the protection of Blacks is taken lightly?

April 18, 2012

Secret Service

I am convinced that by now you have heard about President Obama’s secret service detail getting caught up in confusion in Colombia with prostitutes the day before the president’s arrival. Here’s the skinny. One night about 21 secret service officers and military personnel went out to get them some “Colombia Experience” at a nearby brothel. Not content with what they received there, they decided to bring the allegedly 21 women back to their hotel rooms for more action. One agent contested his bill of $47 with one of the women that drew attention by the hotel staff and eventually the U.S. Embassy. From there, everything went into a tailspin.

Now, in Colombia prostitution is totally legal. No laws broken there. So judge their morals, not he crime. It’s so interesting because I had this discussion with one of my classes the other day saying, “While travelling, should people be held to the law of their nation or the land where they are visiting?” And then, came this! My issue isn’t to condemn the agents’ sexual behavior. That’s between them, their wives (if they had any) and God. But what is up for discussion is their poor ethical decision-making. Let’s get to it.

The agents are charged to protect the president. They have high secret clearances, expensive resources and extensive training. They are regarded to be the best security in the world. But what happened here? Did these women hypnotize them? Was it that good that they forgot who they were? What would cause them to bring women back to the government-sponsored hotel rooms, exposing them to procedures & data just before the president’s arrival? Were they planning to shoot a spin-off pilot for a new tv show called “21 Jump-Off Street?” I know about the elaborate, and sometimes unethical, parties that elected and appointed officials hold using tax payer monies but at this level, unheard of!!!

Yes. Let’s not overlook that this was done with tax payer money. Even if they were on their own personal time, they got to Colombia with tax payer dollars and the hotel rooms they used to bust a… to bust a move was paid with tax payer money. So how did we get to this?

I have to say that the president’s safety was in fact in jeopardy. Men are famous for “taking a nap” after having a good intimate session. That alone leaves us vulnerable for the taking. Now, I know some may say this is a stretch, but to me I haven’t heard of such carelessness with any other president. Do we simply kick off our shoes and shirk our duties when it includes a black person? I am not even saying that everyone involved had to be White to make my case. There may have been minority agents involved. I don’t know. It wouldn’t make a difference to my argument.

But yes, Black people are also guilty of devaluing the black worth. It is evident every day when we kill, maim, rape, and violate each other in our communities. It’s evident when we expect certain handouts or treatment from black-owned businesses. People see us treat each other that way, so they simply join in fun… Wait, or is it vice versa? One thing I do know that begging for equal treatment is tougher to succeed at than working hard for it. I am sure these guys’ careers are over and thank God the president’s life isn’t; leaving a wife and children behind.

From the delay in finding our missing, to the urgency in sentencing black men to serve time, the Black life is often marginalized.

So, when will people see pass the color scheme? I guess, as soon as we do…

I raised my voice. Now, raise yours!
The Professor

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  1. Robert permalink
    April 18, 2012 10:09 am

    good article and insight, Professor

  2. Devil Ray 92 permalink
    April 18, 2012 10:34 am

    The Sercet Service Agents only assignment in Columbia should have been to protect the President not soar their royal oaths. Sex is the biggest distraction out there. Come on folks you couldn’t wait a couple of days until you were not on my tax dollar.

  3. Chandra permalink
    April 18, 2012 12:59 pm

    Not everyday American men visit a country where prostitution is legal. These men indulged like most other fraternities would. The sex for pay is a legal profession, so I’m not sure why this man would not pay $47 measly dollars for his fare! I don’t think he respected her profession, but I guess she should respect his profession, right? When I think of their ethics, I take issue more with the one who would not pay for the service than anything else.

    You have expertise in economics, and if someone makes an agreement to pay for a service, should they not pay? (Ok, we could argue, he was not satisfied, but really should we go there?) You know women in these cultures are not as uptight as women here. I know their is not a written contract, but I’m sure there is some type of verbal contract.

    Of course, all of the men shirked their duties to the President and America compromising the President’s safety.

    I think the guy or guys who argued about paying irks me the most. The least he could do is respect the business practices in the country.

    He did not pay now all of America knows…for $47…I’m sure there is a code of silence and he risked breaking that code…for $47…unreal….

    Wrong + Wrong = Wrong

  4. April 22, 2012 11:12 pm

    I concur, your position was very well written and I enjoyed reading it, ” was it that good” LOL what we see is an abuse of power, they felt superior and powerful enough to go get it, powerful enough to deny paying for it and powerful enough to bring them back to the base. Your point is clear,absolutley no respect for the President and yes, that is learned behavior and a low down shame!

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