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Transitioning from weary to wealthy

April 16, 2012

You would be amazed how loud your mind speaks to you when you be quiet. The topic of discussion in this type of economy is what role do I play in being able to dig myself out of weariness? Well, what has to first take place is the shifting of the mind. I know this sounds cliché, but I am living proof. The difficult part for many to understand is when the mind shifts, actions in accordance with the mind’s belief must follow. Let’s take the economy for example. The way businesses are able to push past different recessions and growths is how the company deploys business strategies for the new economy’s needs. We can’t go back to old habits when we get new mental revelations. That’s what keeps us bound. We succumb to the pressures of family and our friends who tease us about thinking we are better than them. Meanwhile, we are simply trying to just be better than the circumstances we were born into, but instead our circle takes it personal.

We have to make that tough decision, because realistically, wealth does not come in the form of a lottery ticket or sweepstakes checks showing up at our doors. It starts in our brains and in what we believe. When we believe it, we act accordingly and our best potential emerges. The problem with many people is they go around looking for fruit to pick instead of finding seeds to plant. They will never see their own harvest. We panic instead of plant. There are other challenges that hold us captive to unhappiness and despair. A major one is our relationship with mistakes. We have a peculiar relationship with mistakes. We have to develop a better relationship with them. Yes, we want to avoid them but we shouldn’t act allergic to them. Mistakes are mostly uncomfortable just following the occurrence. Think about the clarity, experience, and insight gained long after making the mistakes. Because we view it as our arch nemesis, we refuse to make a move or take a chance. We worry about embarrassment, setbacks and labeling so we simply dream while putting the realities of them on hold.

I get so many people asking me, how I did it. How did I go from growing up on a small island to impacting millions of lives, how did I barely get through high school to become a college professor, how did I successfully leave Corporate America, how did I develop successful businesses without years of experience in those industries, how did I establish new long-lasting habits and how do I handle the criticism that comes with bettering myself. I simply stay reminded that where you are in life doesn’t mean it is where you are destined to be. I believe there’s a circle out there for everyone. Find your true purpose and the rest will eventually emerge.

I am sure many of you were expecting to hear some technical areas that will help you transition from worrying to wealthy but quite honestly, before any of the tangibles present themselves, your mind has to be pointed in the right direction.

Listen, whether you are wanting to open your business, expand an existing one or simply better yourself, you must first look at two things: who’s around you and what do you TRULY believe; not what you say you believe. Wealth comes in the form of all of these. Know that criticism comes to those who steps out of what is expected of them. You should wonder, if you are criticized for trying to better yourself, exactly how does your circle see you and what do they really expect of you?

Devin Robinson is a serial entrepreneur and author of Power M.O.V.E.: How to Transition From Employee to Employer.

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  1. May 18, 2012 1:54 pm

    Amen Professor….I am dealing with these same issues as we speak. People do not understand the damage that slavery has done to our people. Remember it has been barely over 100 yrs since the end of the civil war and not even 60 yrs since the assasination of MLK and Malcolm. Slavery lasted 500 yrs….it will take at least another hundred to fix the mistrust…self hate and suspicion that we have for each other…think about it….how did a few men with guns control a much stronger…larger group for all that time? By making creating conditions and situations that cause us to…for lack of a better word…Hate on each other….Stop it people…don’t you know if we ever play as a team there will be nothing they can do with us?

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