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Should Trayvon Martin’s parents have told him not to resist possible abductors?

March 28, 2012

You know the deal. The black community has been in fear of rape, lynching, random violence and abduction since we landed in Jamestown, Virginia in the 1600’s. In fact, preceding that, abduction was a threat for Blacks even at home in Africa. During slavery, if it wasn’t physical abduction, inveiglement, or hunting down runaways, it was the stealing of indentured servants to re-enslave them in another state. White slave owners and investors would hire henchman to hijack slaves like modern day car theft rings to sell in the black market. What I am saying isn’t storytelling, it’s factual! You can find details on incidents like mentioned in the book, “Freedom at Risk: The Kidnapping of Free Blacks in America, 1780-1865” written by Carol Wilson.

Knowing that abduction for violent purposes has been a huge problem from before the Constitution was written, it would almost be safe to say that this plight has become mainstay in the black community. It lurks in the air everywhere, no matter if you live a gated community, big city or projects. We know the realities of this. Our parents taught us so we try to educate our children on what routes to walk, what time to get home, to keep their eyes peeled, be watchful of discussions with strangers, keep your wallet in your front pocket, keep your shoelaces tied, hold your purse tightly, never take your eyes off your drink…need I go on?

It’s not because our parents were paranoid. It’s because their parents witnessed lynchings first hand and it’s because their grandparents witnessed slave bidding and trading up close. It is a cultural existence. Approach a black child in a vulnerable situation and their training to resist using all limbs (flight or fight) and lungs (by screams and threats) comes out aggressively. If, I say again, IF, Trayvon Martin did put a butt whopping on Zimmerman, he did so through instinct and died as a martyr not knowing if he would instead be on the back of a milk carton for years. In addition, this would mean he was the benefactor of the “Stand Your Ground” law. He was standing his ground because he was the one being stalked like he was a gazelle in the jungle. He had a right to fight, if that’s what he did.

I have seen friends of Zimmerman come out and say, “If Trayvon answered Zimmerman, none of this would happen.” Guess what! Just as unfamiliar Trayvon looked to Zimmerman, Zimmerman looked to Trayvon! Just submit to a stranger’s questions? I wouldn’t! Some media may make attempts to vilify this young man but from my perspective he referred to our cultural handbook…make your abductor pay the price for preying on you.

We have endured countless heartache as a group and anyone not living it has no right to speculate our walk. The offender should never rate the offense. The state of fear seems to be running into perpetuity for us, while some “accomplished” blacks turn a blind eye and some non-blacks tell us to get over it. I say, resist oppression, challenge violations and fight suppression economically, physically and socially for as long as you live until we truly have a national racial breakthrough. Trayvon’s case may appear as a judicial lynching today but Trayvon knew if none of us takes a chance it leaves everyone at risk; a risk we can’t afford to keep living under.

See you in the trenches,
Devin Robinson

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  1. Diva permalink
    March 29, 2012 1:33 am

    Looking at this case it is almost unbelievable that something so simple can seem so complicated; however it isn’t.

    What is just as sad as Trayvon’s death is the ignorance of our people.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a hoodie and chanting ‘I am Trayvon Martin” and by all means let us push the profit margin through the roof for Wrigley’s Company the Makers of Skittles and the Arizona Tea company. ( are we receiving any residual benefits of this action?) NO!!!

    Therefore, this extreme sensationalism is doing very little to address the matter at hand. We are a people that are so easily moved by emotionalism and our emotions are played like a true born sucker all day long.

    Our plan is to make the makers and distributors of material goods richer and march! OK, that was effective ( marching) about say 50 years ago and it may still be effective in part today but there has to be more; it is a brand new day.

    The laws written in this country are concrete and it is this that they wish to fight with. “Stand your Ground” We need some honest, God fearing, intelligent and knowledgeable folks be it Black, White, Latino, or Asian that can interpret the written law “ Stand your Ground” attack it head on and dismantle this beast and shut down the whole operation.

    The written ordinance has to be attacked in order to achieve justice. How can we ask for justice from the justice system and then not understand the rules of engagement. How long will we continue to be a knee jerk reaction people after the fact? How long will we engage in rhetoric of old relying on old heads and out dated maneuvers. Where is the voice in the wilderness, crying come up my people!

    To answer the question: No his parents should not have.

  2. Chandra permalink
    March 29, 2012 11:09 am

    Yes, yes, and yes! The countless death messages through the actions of the past leaves a strong odor that permeates like a dried stench. Our lives are precious, but the history of entrenched systems cause many to continually mishandle us.

    I, too, fight harder when someone or a system seems to shout, “get over it.” That may just be my pet peeve. Don’t impose on me your neurosis or guilt is what my spirit seems to shout back. I am relevant, and I will continue to have strong presence. (I know what I experience in my classrooms filled with 98% white men who are sometimes offended, not all of them, at my very presence–exaggerated by my kinky hair and accent).

    We don’t want sympathy. We just want the space to assert ourselves and contribute to all communities. We are relevant.

    Lately, I have been watching “Find Our Missing.” Our children are dissappearing. I don’t know what fears were already realized in Trayvon’s life, but I know they were real to him.

    Zimmerman is a murderer. I don’t know if he would have abducted Trayvon. I just know that Trayvon knew he had to fight for his life and his right to be where he was at that time. Why do we always have to fight for our right to just be in a certain place? I do wish Trayvon had better tools to combat the angst.

    We are capable of more than what’s thought, but mostly unsaid of us. Let’s continue.

  3. Ronnie Brown permalink
    March 29, 2012 12:48 pm

    If Trayvon parents had placed him on punishment for constantly being suspended from school instead of him walking the streets at night to go to the store for some candy he would still be alive. My dad would say “A hard head makes a soft behind” A good spanking in these days and times will keep a young man alive.

    I’m waiting for all the marches to stop all the black on black crime. Yes… a want to be cop wrongfully killed a young man…But
    want to be gangsters kill people in the hood EVERYDAY AND I NEVER SEE YOU OUR ANYONE ELSE TALKING ABOUT THAT

    • Diva permalink
      March 29, 2012 10:04 pm

      Ronnie, When you said a wanna be cop wrongfully killed a young man you should have stopped it right there, because that is the point !!! Stay focused, all that other verbalish was

      • March 30, 2012 9:53 am

        Diva, I understand you wanting to keep it on point with the discussion, but do you realize that maybe part, and I do say part of the disrespect and disregard other races show for our life as black people could come from the fact that WE, as black people are being viewed to not value our own lives with the black on black crimes? Should it be like this? No, but it is true. I will also add to Ronnie Brown that I do know there are organizations and groups that are made up of black people that target to end the black violence and crime we have on eachother. But that is just it, Organizations. Not enough individual people such as this cause to go out and fight for what they believe is wrong. Its like the word “nigger, nigga” use by some blacks to eachother but they will get upset if a white person use it. Do we crowd out about that. How we view as a race in whole is how we are seen individually. I will confront this in my discussion group.

  4. Diana permalink
    March 29, 2012 2:33 pm

    Zimmerman is saying that he was defending himself well he told the 911 operator that he was following Martin, so why the hell you following the boy for you already called 911 and they told you not to follow him.Martin was defending himself from a man he taught was following him and felt that he had to protet himself plain and simple..and what the hell does grounding him have to do with anything you dont know that story as to what his parents did or did not do to him..he would have been alive today if Zimmerman acted more like a neighborhood watch than a watchman out to get a young black boy wearing a hoody.Every one has the right to protect themselves,but that was a bit much..Zimmerman is here to tell his story the way he want…Martin on the other hand can’t.praying for the family.

    • Diva permalink
      March 29, 2012 10:14 pm

      There is video out showing Zimmerman in police custody on that night with no visible blood on his face or clothing.

      No broken nose and no scratches. Zimmerman is also leaner and appears to be in good physical condition unlike the overweight image floating around.

      I’ve seen this video people no visible signs of trauma to Zimmerman’s person, no limp, no nothing.

  5. Diva permalink
    March 30, 2012 1:55 pm

    Susan Smith drowned her own white boys in a river; now do we as a society hold all white women accountable for her heinous crime?
    We could hold all white men accountable for say Timothy McVeigh’s actions the white man that blew up a federal building years ago with white people inside but do we,? NO, we do not!!! Is there white on white crime? Absolutely however, We do not look down on the entire white race, nor do we hold the entire white race accountable because of the negatives some commit.

    when whites commit a crime it is just a crime when non –white’s commit a crime it is marked by their color; my point is…. we don’t judge and hold all white folks accountable for the negatives some whites have committed so, tell me why should we as blacks be judged and held accountable for the acts committed by some people in our race.?

    The Mr. Brown’s of the world are indulging in stereotyping , while being judgmental and will never acknowledge the positive contributions of non- whites to this society, but will rather seek an opportunity to find fault. This behavior must be dismissed.

    Who has the power to legislate a man/woman heart? None of us, no one is perfect and no one race is perfect. We will always have negative and positive, rich and poor, good and bad; that is why there is supposed to be law to keep order. You see, this is THE issue.

    Who is to determine blacks distaste and dissatisfaction with black on black crime; now that we have established we are not perfect? Tell me how is one to measure what we as a people will or will not accept? We have not the power to change an individual however, we do have the ability to voice our dislike and demand justice .

    Is Mr. Brown suggesting blacks don’t protest black on black crime, is he suggesting mothers of dead black son’s don’t protest to the judicial system in seeking justice when that son died at the hands of someone black?

    Do we not cry out for the same justice system to penalize the guilty black as it does the guilty white? When they are indeed guilty? Yes, we do and what is the end result the judicial system doesn’t care! No results, did blacks not protest loud enough when Tupac & Biggie got got, which is the method by which most black on black crime occurs.

    Was that not national enough, was justice served? This same scenario plays out in America all day long.
    The judicial system doesn’t care, that is why the statistics are high on unsolved black on black homicides, missing & exploited black children etc. There is a voice there is simply no justice.

    What would the Ron Browns of the world suggest? vigilantly blackism where blacks take to the street and take matters into their own hands in seeking justice? Of course not he just wants to get his lick in.

    So, here we are blacks protested this black victim too ( Trayvon) the only difference this time the assailant wasn’t in a dark car speeding through a busy neighborhood spraying bullets when he took Trayvon down no, he was a white man on foot having dialed 911 allowing the world a ring side seat to hear the tragedy as it unfolded.
    With an identifiable assailant the act of sweeping it under the rug is not so easily done so, the only available option left is defending the non-black at all cost!

    So, to the Ron Browns of the world how would you know what blacks are saying, doing or even feeling about black on black crime the only reason you stopped to look this time is because a non -black is involved and you felt the need to throw in your biased tainted 2 cents worth in.

    Doren, we must not allow the Ron Browns of this society to victimize us too.

    • March 30, 2012 7:42 pm

      Hi Diva,
      My comment came late, I forgot to hit post. LOL. Anyway yes I understand the Ron Browns of the world and their motives. And although I don’t agree with the delivery, I do agree with some valid points that is inadvertently bought up. All I was trying to say is although we are focusing on Trayvon situation, which as you see in my hoodie pic, I was one of the people out marching at the capitol in Atlanta earlier this week, so I am a supporter, not just in talk but in action. But our people need to stay consistent in our fight for equality and the betterment of our race. And whatever the solution there is to present itself to make that happen we need to do that.

      I did mention that no its not fair that we are based who we are as a race, by other individuals in our race we don’t agree with. But the reality fact is we do. We were given an advantage from the beginning. Devin mention in his article how far back we can take this. My thing is not stating what other races do or not do for their own, not complaining about why we shouldn’t be view this way but staying in the solution to change that. Whatever change that may be. Educating each other and going out personally and attempting to make a difference.
      The fact is nobody cares what negativity is displayed among and from other races. Just ours. I am simply saying why give them ammunition to do so. We have to stop whining the woes as me, its not fair and stay in the solution to make a change for us, rather the other races make a change or not.

      Doren DA

      • March 30, 2012 7:46 pm

        I meant “disadvantage” and hope you got the “just” of my comment with typos and all. I was rushing and so apologize if you didn’t. On my way out of town.

      • Diva permalink
        March 31, 2012 2:29 pm

        We are not only on the same page, but in the same book, and sitting on the same shelf.

        I fully understand your passion and desire to see all of us represent and that is warranted. We must continually aspire to be better as individuals and a race. We should strive for excellence personally and request, demand and insist that of others that share our race as well.

        My point is sum business need not be discussed in front of company. When you entertain the Ron Brown’s and give them a voice you will find yourself on the defense, defending your people, to people that don’t care about your people is a waste of energy , discussing those points in front of them will get you ridiculed.

        Being an example, getting involved and wanting better for your people is commendable, carry on solider, we in this together.

  6. March 30, 2012 7:25 pm

    Well this is like the little girl here in Georgia that almost got abducted in Walmart and she put up a kicking, screaming match for the perpetrator to the point that he let her go. She was a white little girl. The thing I remember about this story is how the reporters police agents and those writing about the article emphasize how her mother did a EXCELLENT job and training, showing her daughter how to protect herself in a situation as such and attempt to get away. I can also imagine if she had lets say a toy with a pointy object in her hand, she would had used it for her protection and of course that would had made some kind of marks, or and bloody bruises.

    I say that to say this. Why the reporters and police agents is not even thinking that if Trayvon did beat on him, and being that he was walking home at night, followed by someone that we don’t know identified himself, thought he made had been in danger and was fending for his life. We all her the 911 tape of him asking, “why are you following me?”. He asked that twice, which tells us that at least at that time, the watchman was not identifying himself.

    No his parents should not had told him that or had he been in another type of danger, without help, he would had been abducted or killed anyway. At least knowing how to resist and protect himself, he stood a chance of surviving. This situation I feel that the watchman was more or the kick of harassing this young man, in which resulted in a maybe struggle with Trayvon defending for HIS life, ending with the result of the watchman panic and fear that he was loosing the fight and without thinking, shot this young boy. Great article Devin!

    -Doren DA

  7. lafaith permalink
    April 2, 2012 10:01 pm

    Thank You for this article Devin, Everything you said above, was the Truth!


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