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Why Black generational curses lives on

February 24, 2012

Like abused children that eventually find themselves out on the street fending for themselves, so was the state of the black community during Antebellum and Reconstruction. We didn’t have a smooth transition, mentoring or programs to help prepare us for the challenges of living on our own. Being under the control of a master and pretty much being (forced) reliant on them for our basic needs lasted several generations. Understanding this, many of the plights and struggles we endured through much of the 20th century is arguably justified. But what about today? Why do we still theoretically find ourselves in the back of the bus? There are five main reasons:

Pride – Humility comes before the rise. Factually, this is not a black trait. This is a human trait. And to be clear, pride is not statically a bad thing. However, it is horrible when it comes before intelligence. Pride is synonymous with protecting our beliefs. If we have no intelligence before the pride, we find ourselves protecting harmful beliefs. There’s plenty of personal pride to go around that impedes our growth.

Ignorance – People like to view ignorance as a bad thing. Truthfully, we know much less than we don’t know. This means that ignorance lies in all of us. But take the amount of systematic, economic, behavioral and political ignorance our group possesses and the result is disaster. We make feeding the poor a public argument but don’t take this same argument to parents who don’t ensure their children complete their studies, stay out of jail, and practice abstinence.

Tradition – We love tradition, don’t we? Why not? Traditions can be great. It creates…well, traditions! It gives us an identity and expected behavior. We have holiday traditions, familial traditions (aka heritage) and societal traditions. But what happens when a tradition is gone wrong? It becomes self-oppression. Traditions allow us to state what is considered “Black”, what is considered American, what is “Hispanic” or what is considered “White.” Arm the black community with a bad tradition and we are subliminally pressured to live up to it then stay stuck. This doesn’t make sense.

Fear – C’mon. We all have our own fears. Some people fear flying, while others fear snakes. For many of us, we fear the unknown. If a person was born into poverty but desires to die wealthy, this means they will have to do things that their parents, perhaps, have never done. Parents may view this child’s behavior as risky, unexplainable or erratic then discourage them from chasing a dream that may leave them disappointed. Sometimes it is due to their own failures. We are too comfortable with poor health & poor wealth. We have become too emotionally attached to the tradition of it. We can’t be fearful or teach our children how to be fearful. It’s a trap!

Coddling – Here’s where our emotions come into play. We love our children to dysfunction. We can always give a friend advice on how harsh to be to their kids. We can be very apathetic to children in our communities or students under our tutelage at schools but as soon as we gaze into the eyes of our younger biology, we freeze. We get timid. We become concerned with their feelings. I always say, a parent’s job isn’t to make a child happy, it’s to make them successful. They will be adults much longer than they are children, so if you see behaviors in them now that will lead to problems in their adulthood, don’t wait for it to be handled then; “then” may be too late. Let the truth be told. Many of the successful self-made millionaires and entertainers are the product of disciplined parenting, hence, The Jacksons, Serena and Venus, Tiger Woods, Beyonce, the list goes on.

Our children may be our future, but the parents are the present! The good news is, our children model our behavior. The bad news is, our children model our behavior. Forget what we say. They watch what we do. They can’t discern what’s good and bad. They are not smart enough to decipher it. By the time, they realize their poor behaviors, they may already have children themselves, the cycle continues and you will be the one raising their kids. We can’t be ashamed of our vulnerabilities, strongholds, addictions, ignorance or weaknesses. No matter how we try to hide them, justify them, protect them or evade accountability of them, the truth reveals itself through the state of our community.

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  1. February 25, 2012 12:01 am

    Thank You Professor Robinson,
    We can’t be ashamed of our vulnerabilities, strongholds, addictions, ignorance or weaknesses. No matter how we try to hide them, justify them, protect them or evade accountability of them, the truth reveals itself through the state of our community.

    Get completely clear about your objective. If all you have is a vague idea, then work on fleshing it out so it becomes detailed and specific.

    Act now. Opportunities do not wait for conditions to be perfect.

    Persist in your efforts. Make all of your work count for something by seeing it through to the finish.

    Be thankful for the challenges and enjoy working through them. For they are where the real value is created.

    Connect your goal to a meaningful purpose. When you’re clear about why, you’ll surely be able to take care of how.

    Every frustration, every dissatisfaction you feel is really an urge to achieve. Follow those urges all the way through, and make the positive difference that is your destiny…AC

  2. February 25, 2012 11:36 am

    Love it, love the article Professor, and you right. In my opinion there should be no excuse why some of our black people still sit in back of the bus. Why are we constantly ruling that we have disadvantages and using those same excuses to not move forward in life and or not teach our children to be successful?

    It is not a bad thing to be ignorant. If you don’t know, you don’t know. But when you see evidence that things can be better for you and you don’t find away to learn how to make it happen, that action of “not doing” is stupid. The disadvantages that many of our black people complain of that are holding them down, keeeping them back are some of the disadvantages that make others move forward. It gives them strength to fight against odds and become achievers despite it all. If you see yourself heading in the same direction as your past generation, you have to be the one to make a change and do something different.
    I never had the desire to follow what others were doing because it seem normal. If its not working I will take the risk to do the abnormal to achieve different results. I am the one that people view me as “Going against the Grain”, (no pun intended Devin, lol), ever since I was in Junior High. I am not afraid to take risk, or step outside the box. That is actually the mentality of my thinking. My thought process exceeds the limit of what I think I can do than most others I grew up with. For that, it made me different, was called wierd and that was ok with me. Show your children to be successful is the most vaulable tool you can give them and not be afraid to take risk.

    When your children are not on the right path, never worry to make them angry. They will get over it. Just earlier this week, I made my daughter angry. Getting her out of a jam, she thought everything was good. But I put a clause on helping her out. Of course she didn’t like that. I wanted her to be more responsible and to realize there are right ways of doing things and not doing the right thing can be a hindrance to her future.

    Our black people, we need to stop being comfortable with the way things are now. The chain has been broken many, many years ago and some of us still let it hold you bondage. Educate yourself on what you need to do and do it. Take the risk. Let not your fears hold you prison from a successful future. It can be done. There is evidence of other black achievers that back this theory that we are not slaves and we are free. Free to do whatever we want and to go as far as we can go to obtain the most untouchable. The points mentioned in Professor Devin article are what is keeping you back. Break off the chain, and be free to show your children, our future that our race can be the most powerful race there is and that there is nothing that we can not do.

  3. March 5, 2012 11:49 pm

    Reblogged this on Kareyboo and commented:
    well said

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