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Arizona Lawmaker proposes White Appreciation Day

February 8, 2012

Well, at first glance it would seem like Mr. Ash was being satirical but after defending his remarks, it would make any one wonder. I am not sure how to take his proposition. It seems very disrespectful, unapologetic and apathetic but does everyone else see that way? Do you think comment warrants a response from the black community?

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  1. February 8, 2012 4:35 pm

    I’m sure you can recall the recent public official that pointed her finger into President Obama’s face. Well, she is from Arizona.

    This Mr. Ash with the “white people holiday” suggestion is also from..Arizona.

    Arizona is also pushing a biased immigration law

    The sheriff of Arizona is currently treating brown skin immigrants like it is the Jim Crow Era with the flavor of slavery in forbidding them to speak in their native tongue think : Kunta Kenta

    The Hispanic Population wanting a national day is what sparked Mr. Ash’s comment.

    Even this desire( other ethnic groups) wanting their day shows the lack of understanding
    and significance of why there is a ” Black History” month to begin with

    My point. Mr. Ash’s comment goes to show all the holidays, months, parades and banquets hasn’t caused the racist to respect blacks and it never will.

    Arizona is the reality of what still exist in our society.

    What blacks should walk away with is, the voice( black leadership) has failed to progress to the next step and what we thought would fix the problem hasn’t. If the only resolve we have is to look for an apology when reality raises up its head then it is sadder than I thought. I’m just saying!

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