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Are all Republicans really racist and Black Republicans sell-outs?

February 7, 2012

My fellow Americans…eh-hm, my fellow Black Americans “All Republicans are racist!” Is this a statement you really agree with? This is as silly as saying all Democrats are not. Where did we get the notion that party affiliation was an indicator of racial preference? I hear this all the time. If you are black and a Democrat, you are normal, but if you are black and a Republican, you are known as a Black Republican; synonymous to a black eye, the black sheep, black cat, blacklisted, stool pigeon, or Sambo. But let’s go a little deeper to assess if our assumptions have basis.

Joe Lieberman is a Democrat senator who made a promise to Time magazine on March 5, 2007 to not switch parties, after losing his Democratic re-election bid, who later ran as an Independent eventually registering as an Independent Democrat who endorsed Republican candidate John McCain in 2008 for president. (Source: Whew! Writing this alone is exhausting. After President Obama won his bid for president, Joe Lieberman reconvened caucusing with the Democrats.

Now, my fellow Black Americans. Is this the behavior of a racist? I don’t think he is, but I can’t say because I don’t know him personally. What I can say is if we are saying the party you are registered to makes you either racist or not, then our thinking is as shallow as dating for money. Can someone (if our assumptions on party affiliation is true) one day be a racist, the next not and then the next day simply be hanging out with racists but not be racist themselves? The Democratic party claims to be the party of freedom and liberalism who supports the openness of homosexuals coming out of the closet but on the other hand refuses to let Blacks of the Republican party come out of theirs without name calling. The minute you resort to name calling is the minute after your last substantive argument has been made. This makes no sense, is not intelligent and makes us look hypocritical. We can’t be confused. We must gain a better understanding of what the real issues in politics are and stay free from wading in the “shallow” end of the pool.

Look at the behavior of radio host Thaddeus Matthews.

He breaks into a tirade pretty much demeaning this female republican on his show. It is an EMBARASSING display if you ask me, and anyone should be ashamed to be affiliated with him politically, socially or biologically! Can we be proud of his behavior? Would he have been able to get away with the same demagogue against someone for being homosexual? There are racist blacks and since the Democratic party is largely black, can we conclude that Democrats are racist too?

Politics is not a fight on race. The more we let runaway scatter-brained civil rights leaders shed light on it, the further away we drift from competitiveness. This is a fight on economic beliefs and competition. No different than you competing with the next candidate for a job. Is the Tea Party against Blacks? Are they against economic compassion? Are they against the poor? Per capita, Blacks are the poorest in the nation, so any attack against the poor or economic assistance, we tend to take personally because it would seem like a direct attach against us! But we shouldn’t! We should attack the assault where it is targeted. We all love the country we live in but based on our experience and expertise, we have different expectations of our government. For example, President Barack Obama views higher education as too expensive, especially at the private institutions. Well, someone who owns stocks or invests in a private college will disagree with his view. They will defend the costs of tuition hoping that the return on their investment continues to grow. So in the political world, politicians would vote differently. In this case, Republicans tend to be the business owners that favor capitalism. While Democrats view a sustainable economy as one that puts people before profits. It depends on what situation you are in or the dynamics of your life is how you will vote on certain issues.

To be called racist because of a party affiliation? Not smart. It only invalidates us as insightful people and points at our lack of political understanding.

Are we the bigots? Are we the hypocrites? What I need to know is, is suppressing the voice of Blacks no matter what their party affiliation is damaging to the black community or is working to keep them silenced moves us in a progressing direction?

Op-Ed written by: Devin Robinson
Learn more about him at

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  1. Leroy Glenn Prentice permalink
    February 7, 2012 2:21 pm

    Not all are racist, nothing is absolute, but most are. The core is. Historically, befote the 1960’s, Blacks voted repubican. However, after Lindon Johson and the other democrats passed the civil rights bill, the racists and the south voted republican. Even today republicans win the south and democrats win the north. During slavery it was reversed, abolitionist were republican. You make great points but this is the history of America. Noth sides deal with Blacks for votes and we should exploit that.

    • February 7, 2012 6:01 pm

      This is going to sound very harsh but ideologically I stand behind it. No matter how “liberal” Democrats say they are, the party is about captivity. Historically, Democrats believed in keeping Blacks enslaved, today, it is the same thing but just not physically, instead enslaved to the government. I absolutely believe that people should be helped, but only those who can’t do for themselves. We have to be honest about the reality here. Republicans believe in small government where people can do for themselves, thus “free the slaves from plantations so we could fend for ourselves.” We loved that idea. Now, we are aligning with many of Democratic beliefs that government should be “fending” for us. Nothing switched historically, we just want our cake and eat it too, so we switched parties. The parties never changed their beliefs.

  2. February 8, 2012 3:17 am

    My question is why is he getting so personal with this female. I had enough of this video and as said in my last comment, He is not only being disrespectful, He sound ignorant as Heck saying, ” I don’t want to shake your hand, I may get some of that white rubbed on me”. SMH at that comment. He does sound like a democratic racist and because of that, I believe this is why he was so disrespectful to her. Enough about him and this video.

    I don’t believe Republicans are racist and black republicans are sellouts. Most of the members of this party care about what is important to them. If what the republican represent was of my interest and concerns, I too would be republican, not because i am a sellout but because the issues I want address is being represented by the Republican party.

    Those who say, Republican are racist, I wonder if they really know any repubican besides the politicians the see on television/in the news. Even with that, they still don’t know anything personally about that person. I can say I do know some republicans personally. I have them in my family, caucasian and black. We had discussions, we see eye to eye on certain things and not so on others but no they are not racist. We love eachother and respect eachother. Our lifestyles and situation dictates what issue is important to us. This is what OUR people need to learn. What is important to you. Find the politician that represent your cause and will address those issues and vote accordingly. Don’t become a democrat because you think I am black and ALL black people are democrats. And don’t think you can’t be a republican because they are suppose to be caucasian.

    Our people please, learn what is important to you. Learn your government and what it represents, learn your state represenatives, who is on your city council and what do they do for your city, your community. Do your research. Stop sitting around being lazy and waiting for the news media, television and what you hear make up your mind on how to vote and who to vote for. Stop being ignorant and learn the facts for yourself.

    • Iris Bradley permalink
      February 8, 2012 9:44 pm

      I agree Dorean Da I do not think all republicans are racist.

      • Iris Bradley permalink
        February 8, 2012 9:50 pm

        Thaddeus Matthews is ignorant and he does not represent me in any way. He should not talk to any one his show the way he talked to this women just because she is a republican. He should be fired.

  3. February 8, 2012 5:37 am

    I can understand and agree with was is being conveyed here. It is all about economics and voting to protect your economic interest. I don’t believe that by suppressing or silencing them is smart, I wouldn’t want anyone suppressing me, a better strategy would be to bring the issue to the table and expose the direct and indirect affects of their actions. If they don’t care I would make a campaign of their position and start spitting my rhetoric against them that would put them in a defensive position. I would add, that I must question the motives of most Blacks who choose to represent the republican mantle. In my experience most Black Republicans choose to be republican just to disassociate with the “perception” of the black socio economic conditions. It makes them feel special to be associated with a group of seemingly wealthy white people and try very hard to represent that image for validation as a matter of fact they go out of their way by saying and doing off the wall comments and actions. There are a couple of issues involved here. One, a black Republican undermines his own economic interest in the “big picture” because siding with a group that pass laws that directly affect blacks negatively disproportionately, promotes an environment of hate, fear and disdain, suppresses the economic growth potential of other black people. When black people do better they spend better, kill rob and steal less which addresses an image or perception problem. Two, you have black republicans who are business owners who or aspire to be with the “you get yours and I’ll get mine” mentality. Black business owners have yet to create a collective work to pool their resources to go into black neighborhoods to make an investment by opening businesses and hiring black people. Once they have “arrived” they buy the fine houses and cars and turn up their noses. Now I must add you have that in black democrats as well. You also have all other races who buy from one another, but you won’t have white, latino, asian running to black businesses to support. Any black republican who is ok with that needs to be called out and put on blast. Supporting issues like pro-life, fighting against same sex marriage abortion is all BS it’s just tactics used to scare and drum up numbers to support the party which has it’s main interest-which is keep the haves having and keep the have nots, not having. So again I must question the motives of most black republicans for being republican. I do believe that there are few real genuine black republicans who are down for the “cause” some people are raised by their parents which is a legacy issue, just like people are raised catholic, jewish, christian, Jehovah’s witness that’s all they’ve ever known.

  4. February 8, 2012 5:05 pm

    Mr. Bridges,
    Makes a valid point, about black business owners that avoid the black community and those that don’t give back to the black community but How many do so, because they made it without the support of the black community?

    I’m curious to know how many black business owners experience the ” hook up” syndrome forcing them to only market to non- blacks in order to find success.

    If this is the case why then would they ( blacks) turn and support those ( blacks) that had no intentions of enabling their success.

    It is like they ( blacks) in this position keeps sub dividing they don’t really fit with the whites ( republicans) because well they aint white.

    They aren’t interested in being associated with the blacks ( democrat) because well they aint……….. what black enough, poor enough,oppressed enough.

    Then the position is to become self serving and if you are black, well, that’s all the black that is required. Again I’m just saying!

  5. Marvin permalink
    July 25, 2012 4:53 pm

    Lyndon Johnson was a racist !! He ..!!!! UNBELIEVABLE! once a slave always a slave-Democrat.- Black Male Business owner and a proud Republican! get out of Uncle Sams Cabin!

  6. September 6, 2012 3:07 pm

    What about the democrats, they had a worse racism record then republicans. Think about it:
    The democrats in the civil war was supported heavily by white slave owners, the democratic south in the 1950s and 1960s were racists, and if you didn’t know, George W. Bush appointed Colin Powell, Condelezza Rice, and his dad appointed Clearance Thomas to supreme court. The democrats, none hardly. There is more unemployment in democratic states in terms of black people then in states like Texas, Arizona where blacks also live. Clinton avoided the Rwanda genocide, but was involved in the second Balkans war. George W. Bush was against Sudan’s role and support for ethnic cleansing in Darfur, supported South Sudan for determination for freedom, and gave billions of aid to help stop malaria and AIDS epidemics. Bush supported Ethiopia to stop the flow of terrorism home grown in neighboring Somalia to spread into ally countries in the Horn of Africa. Clinton, barely gave support to African countries in that perspective then bush did. So, racism doesn’t spell the GOP. It can be any person who is a racist like J. Edgar Hover, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Reid, and some others who are.

  7. Quinton Scott permalink
    October 12, 2012 8:59 pm

    Thank you, all. I must admit. I have been enlightened and aspired to research the facts before making broad assumptions.

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