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The Bishop and the Businessman

December 6, 2011

It's getting hot in here

If any of us pay attention to mainstream news coverage, we’ve been exposed to the entertaining, interesting and coincidental simultaneous coverage of Atlanta’s own Bishop Eddie Long and Atlanta’s own ex-presidential candidate Herman Cain. In their case, it is interesting how one works to better the community and one benefit from it but both got rocked by sexual scandals. In other words, one man prays for the community and the other man preys on the community but both wound up on the same hot seat. Okay, let me stop… Wait, one more… One seeks to be a prophet and the other one seeks to get a profit, yet both found themselves publicly denying extramarital relations. (Admit it; that was good.) Ironically, both allegations stemmed over the course of many years. But I am not here to lend an opinion on whether one is holy or not. I only want to spectate a little.

Leave? Just one more sermon...

I believe what Cain did Long should’ve done. What Long did Cain should’ve done. Long shouldn’t have stayed in and Cain shouldn’t have pulled out…no pun intended. It’s like this. I Timothy 3:2 explains the qualifications of a bishop, which includes being blameless, of good behavior and more. This is not the same for a politician. Though I believe Cain was very rough around the edges, I think, in the political arena, his perspective was needed, though not welcomed. At the end of the day, politics is all about economics. It covers the health, well-being, education, security, taxes, etc. which all trails back to economics. However, though economics can be normative (emotional) or positive (rational) politics is so close to our lives that it becomes an emotional argument. Cain was pragmatic but was not charismatic. His arrogance and self-loathing destroyed him. His pride came before his fall. But he didn’t have to fall out. If he left eventually, he needed to stay in long enough to create new memories rather than letting this be the highlight of his political career. Long, on the other hand, should’ve vacated immediately. He stayed long enough. In his field what people believe to be true, becomes the truth. This will make his ability to be trusted again almost impossible. Long came across as above reproach. But when the wives of both gentlemen spoke or took actions, their journeys were abruptly halted. What I find utterly entertaining was how Long proclaimed to fight but surrendered and once Cain announced quitting, he began fighting more? Makes little sense, but the irony.

Though faced with similar sexual allegations, Tiger Woods didn’t quit golf and President Clinton didn’t leave office. What if Michael Jackson quit performing or R. Kelly retired? The allegations against them would’ve eclipsed their careers, despite any good these gentlemen have done and accomplished. We can barely remember the scandals that plagued Micahel Jackson. Now he is back in our graces as the best performer that ever lived. Tiger is forgiven and on the road to redemption. Knowing when to back out and knowing when to get back in is the discernment needed for anyone to remain successful in the public eye. Can Long return to being a prophet? Can Cain go back to making a profit? We can’t say just yet, but we know the saying, “quitters never win and winners never quit.”

Just my opinion… That’s all!

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  1. December 7, 2011 11:56 pm

    In my opinion they both need to just sit it down and move forward in the lives. Oh and while they’re doing that, stay out of sight and out of mind. Their Trust level have been broken, and that’s not easy to regain. It’s to much going on in our communities, and this world to keep this type of nonsense. How can we rebuild? when we keep doing and acting foolish like these two. Damn Shame how money make you sell your Soul…

  2. December 8, 2011 3:04 am

    Very good points brought up in this article, and very true. Love reading the article. It was cleverly written. Great Job Devin!

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