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Black man innocently jailed after trying to cash legitimate check

July 10, 2011

Jailed, loss of job, car impounded and sold. Was this an innocent mistake or was this racial profiling? Who dropped the ball? The bank, the police department or was this all an innocent mistake.

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  1. Roy permalink
    July 14, 2011 2:25 am

    Hello Devin Robinson,

    I read your attachment with interest. VT conveys related white supremacy attitudes & insults.

    Example. Years ago, Vermont State College Officials overtly discriminated against an
    African-American student (Dale Robinson) & his wife. He won a BIG COURT SETTLEMENT.

    Meanwhile, they moved back to MA. When the BIG-SETTLEMENT-CHECK was issued on a Vermont-based Bank, Dale returned and cashed the check in Waterbury, VT. After he left, the Bank Manager called the VT State Police and had Dale Robinson and colleagues arrested!

    They were subsequently released.

    Dale Robinson conveyed his experience to me. Then, I telephoned and asked the Waterbury, Vermont Bank Manager if Robinson had committed a crime. The VT Bank Manager said, “No,” but he called the VT State Police because he thought “a Black man should not have that much money!”

    American-Sins of-ignorance-and-Racism continue.

    Roy V. Hill, II
    VP, Vermont Ecumenical Council and Bible Society

    PS. The sins continue in Vermont: in a book authored/edited by VT Senior Senator Patrick Leahy, he acknowledges that in 1609 over 10,000 Native Americans welcomed the first critical mass of non-Indians (white immigrants) to Vermont. Today, descendants of those white immigrants [non-Indians] legally (?) designate Native American descendants “non citizens” in their Vermont homeland.

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