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Black Support is Hurting America

December 12, 2010

Shopping at black owned businesses only. Doesn’t make any sense to me at all. You are helping to divide us further.

The title to your book totally makes the tag line worthless, it doesn’t make sense! How will you make a colorless nation when all you do is focus on color???? HOW?

The problem isn’t race, it’s a mindset… It further deepens in me my intolerance, which is a path I do not want to take.

You are breeding in me a hatred of you… The same way as if I held up a sign that said, Whites only, Unite come together to make us better. We need to unite and become one and greater than we are. Better and further the white cause for our own sake. We need to make our lives better, White people of America unite. Doesn’t that sound stupid. Doesn’t that sound racist? Doesn’t that mindset seem odd?

I know that you think that you must unite with Blacks only and that is not going to work for us. It will eventually lead us to war against each other and I do not want that.

This country has taken tireless steps to come together and do away with separation and by your actions you destroy this work.

I hate that! But maybe that is what you want…???

Daniel Hunter 

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  1. December 12, 2010 6:47 pm

    Black families have struggled all our lives and today we are still struggling why? It is only the right thing to do, but reach down and pull our brothers and sisters up and find a way to help each other any way that we can.

    It would one of the most powerful gift if we All could unite as ONE!
    Racist is still playing a major role in our life today why? We All are hurting and in pain.
    What happen to the real American Dream? What happen and why do we continue to live in hurt and pain why? There are many communities hurting White, Black, Red, Yellow, whatever the color we All are hurting and need to unite and help each others. Whatever color you are, it’s You that can make a different to help us get back on our feet and save our communities.

  2. December 13, 2010 3:38 pm

    I love your passion and zeal to lend your input, I truly do! Let me explain a few things, in an attempt to get you to understand, not like, my philosophy. Blacks building themselves up economically is the surgery this country needs to perform. It may sound painful, but it is the only route to get the country to “reset.” You can’t expect us to keep going forward in “symbolic” unification when the Black population continues to have low confidence in self. Whites, or any other race, cannot teach Blacks self-efficacy. It is a painful truth that, if you are White, you will have a hard time to accept.

    This country was playing “foul” for 386 years when it enslaved Black people. How can you now say, okay let’s play fair from here on out without correcting the foul plays. It is like you fouling me in a basketball game, you get 100 points, I have 10 points, and I begin to foul too, then you finally say, “Okay, let’s stop fouling” but you don’t takeaway your 90 points or give me 90 points. If America was really trying to racially heal, it would help stabilize the Black community through substantive efforts, not symbolic efforts. Not by throwing money at the group, who has not been educationally elevated, or given therapy for the “post traumatic stress” that is generationally handed down to subsequent offspring following slavery.

    If you really believe in equality and justice? Then help get Blacks become a sustainable and respectable group. Help the group learn to create wealth. Help them be less needy for Government subsidies or non-Black jobs. Help them become “all things positive” in your eyes. Proclaiming demonstrative racial equality, yet other races continue to outpace Blacks socially, financially, and intellectually sounds good to the ears and look good on paper, but let’s be honest, when you hear “Black” what comes to mind? If you really look at your roadmap, you will actually see that you are actually deepening the perpetuation of Black stagnation; a concept that is counterproductive to organic liberty!

    Professor Devin Robinson

  3. December 14, 2010 5:54 am

    Do yourself a favor and give yourself a goal. Make it meaningful, make it exciting, make it challenging and then make it happen.

    Set your goal a little bit beyond what you already know you can do. Then when you reach it you’ll not only have the achievement, you’ll also have an increased level of confidence.

    As long as you’re making the effort to live this day, give it a purpose. Give yourself a goal, and transform fleeting time into lasting accomplishment.

    From where you are, you can go anywhere. One by one, the goals you set will get you there. Working steadily and persistently toward a goal will energize all aspects of your life and bring the awesome power of focus to your efforts. There’s truly no feeling quite like it.

    Challenge yourself forward with a great and meaningful goal. Give yourself a goal, and make yourself some real treasure…AC

  4. December 16, 2010 11:57 pm

    Dear Professor Devin:

    I appreciate very much your doing your part for black life in America. It is clear to me that you have set goals and set them HIGH: You have made them meaning, exciting and challenging. Your goal can be a reality and it should.


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